1. The club will be called Sid Valley Cycling Club and shall be affiliated to the BC & CTT.
  2. The management of the club shall be by an Executive committee consisting of the club Officials, plus other committee members, all to selected annually.
  3. The club officials shall be: Chairman, Club secretary, Treasurer, Youth development officer, Reports editor, Social administrator, Senior time keeper.
  4. First claim members shall only be eligible as club officials.
  5. The club colours shall be red, black, blue & white.
  6. Annual membership fee shall be £15.00 for adults, £5.00 for under 19 year olds, £30.00 for Family and £7.00 for 2nd claim associate members .
  7. Members desirous of resigning shall notify the Club secretary prior to the 31st December in any year.
  8. New members elected after the 30th December in any event shall, upon payment of the subscription, be entitled to all privileges of full membership up to 31st December in the following year.
  9. Every individual desirous of becoming a member shall complete an application form, and submit this, with the entrance fee.
  10. Any member not paying their subscription within three months after the 31st December in each year shall be deemed to have resigned, and to have forfeited all rights and privileges accruing from membership.
  11. Members shall be liable to expulsion for unseemly conduct, and the executive committee shall have power to strike a member’s name off the club’s book without assigning a reason.
  12. No member shall be allowed to take part in any club event or ride in the clubs name unless they are clear in the books of the club.
  13. The clubs financial year shall commence on the 1st January, and at least seven days notice of such meeting shall be sent to the members enclosing a copy of the Audited accounts and agenda
  14. The Executive committee gives the right to delegate the power to authorise a transaction of club monies to the Club Treasurer, Secretary or Chairman. Transactions made by the Club Treasurer, Secretary or Chairman may by authorised independently without the requirement of a second signature or authorisation.
  15. Items for the agenda of any general meeting shall reach the club secretary at least 14 days before the relative meeting.
  16. A special general meeting may be called by the executive committee or, alternatively, by the club secretary, upon receipt of a request signed by three members, subject to at least seven days notice (with a copy of the agenda attached) being given to the members.
  17. No alteration in, or addition to these rules shall be made except with the consent of at least two-thirds of the members present at the Annual general meeting (or Special general meeting called for the purpose) notice thereof to be circulated to the members seven days before the meeting, together with a copy of the agenda, or copy of the relative alteration or addition proposed.
  18. Any matter not provided in these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee, whose decision shall be binding on all parties

Revised Special general meeting - 20th February 2017