Sid Valley Cycling Club Tour of Britain closed road circuit Races 19/09/2013 

 A large crowd gathered on a Thursday evening that saw Sidmouth blessed with dry sunny weather, perfect for the Sid Valley Cycling Club Tour of Britain Circuit races. The evening’s events were split into four races, a non-competitive single lap for juniors under 14 who could just sign on the line for a chance to see what cycle racing was about ,with two youth races & 1 Senior category race being run under full British Cycling rules & regulations. 

The first ride was a single lap of the 0.83 of a mile closed road circuit around Sidmouth town centre for children under 14. This was a non competitive lap around town to introduce the young riders to cycle racing. Everyone showed great effort & bike skills and really enjoyed their moment in the spotlight. 


 The first actual race of the evening was a mixed race for under 8’s, under 10s & under 12s, so there was in effect 6 races happening at the same time !. One for each category, for both boys & girls, this made for some hectic race judges, having to spot rider numbers & lap count each category !  . This race was scheduled to run for 10 minutes + 3 laps of the circuit with the first lap being a neutral lap behind a car to allow the riders a chance to get into race positions, crossing the line for a rolling start. There were over 15 entrants for this race and the youngsters showed great promise for the future with some very quick & competitive racing that was very well received by the crowd. In First Place for the under 12’s Boys was Rowan Ellis from Chard with William Clatworthy  of Honiton in 2nd place. First in the under 12’s girls was Agnes Hamill  , first in the under 10’s boys was Lewis Ross , first in the under 10’s girls was Eleanor ley. First in the under 8’s Boys was Yusef Morgan from Maindy Flyers CC in south Wales with Ruben Stacey of North Devon Wheelers – southfork in second. 

The next race was also a mixed race for under 14’s & under 16’s boys & girls. This race was scheduled for 15 minutes + 3 laps, with the first lap again being a neutral lap behind the race lead vehicle. This race started off very quick from the start and the pace really started to show with some of the less regular racers soon struggling to keep up with the speeds. After approximately 35 minutes of full speed racing first to cross the line was under 16’s rider Jacob Board of 1st Chard Wheelers cycle club & first girl home was under 16’s Emily Attfield. Second in the under 16’s boys was Elliot Redfern, with Charlie McFadzean of Kentisbeare Junior Cycle Club in third. Second place in the under 16’s girls went to local Sidmouth girl Antonia Evans with Eloise Cresswell in third. 

First Rider home in the under 14 boys was Joseph Saunders of Mid Devon Cycle Club with Evan Rouse in second & William Tidball in third. First under 14 girl was Neve Upton of North Devon Wheelers – Southfork Racing with Grace Jordan of RUTT cycle club in second.  

The Next race was a full 40 minutes + 5 laps for 40 category 2 , 3 & 4 seniors. This Race again started with a neutral lap behind the start vehicle followed by a rolling start.  The racing started very quickly with some riders achieving average speeds around the circuit of at least 30mph which for a stop/start road circuit is very impressive. After about 15 laps at these speeds the field was starting to break into a few different groups, the race ready – regular racers & the local enthusiastic club riders. Sidmouth riders who really deserve a mention for the great effort shown  at this stage were Nigel Winchester, David Welsch, Jon Miller & Ian Robson . 

With about 5 laps remaining any lapped riders were removed from the race by race control which left about 20 riders still racing. After a lot of final lap effort & position changes, first Senior rider home was Gerry Bowditch of NFTO cycle club of Hereford with James Plumb in Second & Jake Durrant of Mid Devon Cycle Club in third. Local riders in the top ten were Nicholas Heising of Exeter Wheelers in fifth & Sidmouth Rider Adrian Clode in Eighth. Again, local riders who really deserve a mention for the amazing effort shown were Mike Cooper, Colin Tyrer & Matt Szala. 

After a great evenings racing & some really excellent reviews from both riders & officials we would like to thank our great team of marshal’ , race judge’s , spotters & timers , members wives & neighbours who supplied cakes , the Co-op super market in Sidmouth ,  Mrs Di Collings who also supplied cakes & Mr Colin Pyne & his team at the Bedford Hotel who once again supplied us with our head quarters & endless supplies of tea & coffee that were very gratefully received. 

Full Results:Sidmouth Criterium Cat A and Cat B Race Results: 

Cat A  
1. Jacob Board. 3 pts. 8348561st chard Wheelers 
2. Elliot Redfern. 2 pts.708055BCDS 
3. Charlie McFadzean. 1 pt.922504CS Dynamo 


Cat B  
1. Joseph Saunders. 3 pts.901944Mid Devon CC 
2. Evan Rouse. 2 pts.840029North Devon Wheelers - Southfork 
3. William Tidball. 1 pt.456466Exeter Aces CC 

Sidmouth Criterium Cat C, Cat D & Cat E Race Results: 
Cat C  
1. Rowan Ellis. 3pts.7171401st Chard Wheelers 
2. William Clatworthy. 2pts.989995 
3. Agnes Hamill. 1 pt.992913RUTCC 

Cat D  
1. Lewis Ross. 3 pts.832292North Devon Wheelers - Southfork 
2. Jack Webb. 2 pts.966045 Chard Wheelers 
1. Eleanor Ley. 1 pt. 959791North Devon Wheelers - Southfork 

Cat E Boys: 
1. Yusef Morgan. 3 pts.934520Maindy Flyers CC 
2. Ruben Stacey. 2 pts.941903North Devon Wheelers - Southfork 
3. Oliver Ross. 1 pt.899868North Devon Wheelers Southfork 



Sidmouth Criterium 2/3/4 Race Result: 
1. Gerry Bowditch.15pts405790NFTO 

2. James Plumb. 12pts441310No club 
3. Jake Durant. 10pts456725Mid Devon CC 
4. Steve Chattell. 8pts408392Somerset RC – Bicycle chain 
5. Nicholas Heising. 6pts827276Exeter Wheelers 
6. John Nye. 5pts446795Exeter Wheelers 
7. Jacob Board. 4pts8348561st Chard Wheelers 
8. Adrian Clode. 3pts405237Revo Racing 
9. Charlie Revell.2pts876017Somerset RC – Bicycle chain 
10. Samuel Game. 1pt899872University of Bristol Cycling Club