This year's eveing 10s will be held on a new course based around Fairmile and will be held on a Tuesday. The HQ for the evening 10s will be at the layby at the top of Daisy Mount (not at Feniton Village Hall, as with the Open 10), with each event starting at 7pm as usual. The timetable for the rides is as follows:

15th May CS Dynamo (Come and try event)

22nd May SVCC

29th May Cranbrook CC

5th June CS Dynamo

12th June SVCC (Come and try event

19th June EWCC

26th June Cranbrook CC

3rd July SVCC (Come and try event)

10th July EWCC (Come and try event)

17th July CS Dynamo

24th July Cranbrook CC


The come and try events are open to any rider even if they are not members of an affiliated club.

The route, which is relatively quiet, is as follows:

The start is situated in a tarmaced farm gateway (Larkbeare lane) on the lefthand side of the old A38 approx 75 yds before going under the bridge and turning left handed Honiton bound towards Fairmile. The course continues down the old A30 Honiton bound through the hamlet of Fairmile up the hill to the T junction (slip road to New A30). Riders turn righthanded and proceed past Pattersons x and through Fenny Bridges. The course proceeds under the iron bridge towards the slip road to the new A30. Riders take a left turn continuing on the old A30 for approxamately 2 miles and turn left handed in the middle of the large layby on the lefthand side. The riders proceed back up the old A30 Exeter bound through Fenny Bridges,and Fairmile up the hill and finish in the layby on the lefthand side on top of the hill.


Riders sign on, on the night and the cost is £5 per event. Come and give the course a go and see what time you can do. It is just you against the clock!

Any questions Contact Ron Clint or Adrian Snelgrove

Come and give time trialling a go. You may enjoy it!